Round 12 Drummoyne

Unbeaten Kentwell Cup leaders Drummoyne came to Lapstone Oval every right to be red hot tips to get the result,and that they did 26-0,but the Blueys stood up to be counted all the way,and in fact only conceeded two tries.It was a game of rugby with plenty of fire and passion at times,but mountains never threw in the towel and provided plenty of stiff opposition.Once again prop Graham Kondek was the rock on which the team built their efforts on the day,he is just playing sensational Rugby at the moment.The boys are still hanging on to third spot,with Petersham breathing down our necks now,and what fifth placed Waverley do this round could will set up the scenario for what will be a huge back to Lappo day against Collegues.

B&F G Kondek 2 H Kirkwood 1 A Vulavou PP G Kondek

Seconds were outclassed 38-10 by the dirty reds,however,like firsts they played some great footy during this match,but the opposition were just  a class above us on the day and deserved their win.Jaiden Cranfield was a worthy winner of man of the match honours as he combined his huge ticker with passion and class to try and turn the tide,while Mark Patterson was also in good form.

BM 10( J Antonio try G Duncan con,pen)

B&F 3 J Cranfield 2 M Pattrson 1 T Teuma B Kenny PP M Patterson

After some pretty ordinary efforts in weeks gone past,the Colties turned in a real gutsy effort to go down 10-7 and in doing so snuff out their thin semi final chances.It was pressure all the way with two equal sides going  hamnmer and tong and in the end the luck went the visitors game.Young centre Fredrico Cuminetti was one of the best player on the paddock and had a huge game,as did man of the match Luke Ruttley as usual (when he was on the paddock that is) while it was great to see Jared Cremona back on the paddock.

BM 7( B Borg try con)

B&F 3 L Ruttley 2 F Cumnetti 1 J Cremona PP F Cuminetti

If you wanted to see a team which enjoyed the rub of the green it was the Drummoyne thirds who beat us 21-7,giving our semi aspirations a big hit.In an even battle,a forward pass led to their first try,they scored their second after a freak bounce off the posts from a conversion attempt,and their third also had a huge amount of luck attached to it..however,we didnt help ourselves,as our forward pack made sure we had them under pressure all day,but we failed to take full advantage and paid the price.The boys now have to lift against Mosman,and while the result was not good,plenty of positives,a youthfull Buckets made his comeback,Matt Wiltons hit was a crowd pleaser and of course Paul Danby thrived after finally been given a rest from front row duties,he was dynamic all day.

BM 7 ( M Wilton try J Wickenden con)

B&F 3 PDanby 2 N Mckenzie 1 B Bull PP P Dnby

Fourths were beaten 27-5 by a better Collegues team who rallied in the second half on the back of the Blueys poor discipline at crucial times,and lack of respect for the ball.In the first spell we really took it up to the favourites with passion and ability and their was only 5 points in a the break.But the seind half was a different story,and while Tumsula Pese was power and class and a great man of the match award winner,James Brown,Blake Dickson also made worthy contributions,while super sub Jackson Turner scored a sensatioanl individual try.

BM 5 (J Turner try)

B&F 3 T Pese 2 J Brown  1 B Dickson PP T Pese


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