Round 5 Drummoyne 25.5.2019

Not a lot you can really say,our dream start in Kentwell came to a shuddering halt against the might of Drummoyne.Sure had one of the biggest injury and unavailabilty lists ever experienced,but we have to realise just how strong the home team was on the day.In firsts,we were humbled 60-21,and while we were out of our depth most of the match in our first defeat of the season,too much dropped ball and silly mistakes helped make it so much easier for Drummoyne to consolidate.In situations like this,the cream comes to the top,and the experience of Danny Kroll stood out in one of the few positives to come out of the match,while the guts and ability of the likes of Timoci and Harry were also worthy of note.While we do return to Lappo Saturday,it wont get any easier taking on the other big gun at the moment Mosman,fingers crossed we can cause the upset.

BM 21 ( J Togo 2 D Kroll tires D Kroll 3 cons)

B&F 3 D Kroll 2 H Kirkwood 1 T Timoci PP Danny Kroll

Seconds put in a shocker beaten 60-0 which is a new unwanted club record loss.After four rounds of solid form,including three wins a row the Blueys just couldnt get their act together and a hungry home team took full advantage.In his comeback game Brad Kenny once again showed just how good he is,while Jeff Kondek produced a five star effort in a well beaten team.

B&F 3 B Kenny 2 J Cranfield 1 D Farrrugia PP J Kondek

Colts looked very flat and disorganised, and paid a big price against one of the lesser lights of the comp going down 46-5 in what was a very deflating shock result.Tough as teak front rower Jared Cremona was a stand out in the match for the Blueys and tried all day to stem the tide in his usual brilliant fashion.

BM 5 (S Wheeler try)

B&F 3 J Cremona 2 R Vunvali 1 H Davis PP Jared Cremona

Thirds were the only winners on the day with Blake Gibson scoring in the corner and Wicko converting to snatch a 14-12 victory.Once again it was a dour battle with little between the teams as the final scoreboard showed,however it was probably the Blueys defence that got them home,and with Lachie in red hot form and Wicko his partner in crime out wide and in the tight stuff Senitieli running amok,it was a deserved victory for the Blueys.

BM 14(T Tuisireli B Gibson tries J Wickenden 2 cons)'

B&F 3 L McNicol 2 S Tukana 1 I Junoud L Jones PP Lachie McNicol

Player numbers were down for fourths,with many backing up from fifths,the fresh legged home team raced to a 26-0 at halftime,but with new skipper Jackson Turner to inspire the boys (as usual he was the crowd favourite with the females on the sideline) it was a much more constructive second half,with lashings of courage,pride and resiliance before the Blueys went down 26-5, with Eamon Little scoring the try in the shadows of fulltime.As expected Dayne Nicholls was outstanding and his usual fiery committment and talent was a headache for the winners every minute he was on the paddock.

BM 5 (E Little try)

B&F 3  D Nicholls 2 C Apps 1 J Cager PP Dayne Nicholls

The manful battlers went painfully close to their first win of the season going down 10-7.The dirty reds scored two tries early,but gradually the blueys got into it and the longer the game went the better they looked,eventually try scoring machine Mick Haumu scored in the number nine jumper,but the boys were unable to do the deed again in time.Plenty of good football played,especially from the likes of Tom Graham,Grant,John Kaye,and Lachlan Smith in the second row had a blinder.

BM 7 ( M Haumu try D Pointos con)

B&F 3 L Smith 2 T Graham 1  G Skinner PP Lachlan Smith

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