Round 8 Waverley 22.6.2019

A victory against Waves would give us a very healthy lead in third spot,and while our 30-7 loss still sees us more than a game in front of fourth,our trip to sydneys east ended up not on a great note.The Blueys appeared as if they just didnt turn up on the day,were slow to the ball and against a very motivated home team paid the price.When looking for players worthy of credit in a below par performance,the versatile Aparama Vulavou was at his usual brilliant best while font row machine Graham Kondek was great again.This team is capable of so much more,and now will look to consolidate against Balmain at home in two weeks time.

BM 7 ( A Vulavou try D Kroll con)

B&F 3 A Vulavou 2 G Kondek 1 J Cranfield  PP G Kondek

Seconds were well beaten on the scoreboard 30-5,but there were good signs of improvement to come,they communicated well,went out with a new attitude,and stuck to structure.Still need to work on phase play and finishing skills,and during the match plenty of times if they had these accomplished those attributes the score could have been so different.George was a powerhouse at the back of the scrum,Gareth was solid in the front row,and of course Tom Graham continues his red hot form of late.

BM 5 (D Jonathon Sefo try)

B&F 3 G Ftynogiannis 2 G Mathews 1 I Docherty T Graham PP T Graham

There wasnt a lot of defence involved in the colts clash with the Blueys going down 51-31 to Waverley.The home side swung into action in the first half and set up their win there,in the second spell we came out and played some great open rugby,but defence just wasnt good enough on the day.Luke Ruttley once again played himself to a standstill in yet another gutsy effort,while Pat Bowler and Lachlan Joseph also put up a solid displays.

BM 31 (L Hayman 2 D Lee T Samoluk L Ruttley tries B Borg 3 cons)

BF 3 L Ruttley 2 L Joseph 1 P Bower PP L Joseph

Heads are still shaking after thirds crashed 31-0 to Waverley,running onto the paddock the boys were super confident,but Waverley had other ideas,trapping us in our own 22 for long periods of time,and we struggled to get out,and when we did,we made too many mistakes to make a difference.One of the few real positives was the form shown by the most mobile in the Whiddon Cup Paul Danby,who used his determination and ability to cause havoc in the winning teams ranks all day,while it was great to see Will Healey turn out for us again

B&F 3 P Danby 2 B Bull 1 W Healey T Phillipson L Jones PP P Danby

It was a tough day for the fours,limited reserves and a very good Waverley side in front of us who totally outclassed us in the first half in particular.In the second spell we lifted a gear and showed that with a bit more play revolving around match plan and focus this team is capable of doing so much better.Matty Childs at prop was in outstanding form in all phases of the game and was a worthy winner of man of the match honours in a 38-5 defeat.

BM 5 (D Pointos try)

B&F 3 M Childs 2 D Pointos 1 L Sua PP L Frank


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