Salads and Sides

Since I was very young, food has been an important part of my life. It was the centre of most family events, bringing family members together from far and wide. It was something to be celebrated and enjoyed in good times, and a medicine and fuel for my family and I in times of sicknesses or stress. From these big and small moments grew my passion for food and my mission to create a family business based on the power and positivity of food!

?At Salads and Sides, we believe in the power of healthy and wholesome food! We also believe that good food shouldn't be stressful or hard, so we want to make it easy. That's why we've created a business that removes the hassle and trouble from your big life events, and lets you focus on what they are supposed to be about! Being with family, making memories, and above all else enjoying good, wholesome food!





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