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Lindsay PieMaking Equipment (LPME) is named after the family of its founder, and current Managing Director, Thomas Lindsay. Over 30 years ago Tom identified the opportunity and need for a supplier to be based here in Australia that could specifically tailor to the discerning needs of the producers of arguably Australia’s most iconic dish the Meat Pie.

With its own production facility located at the foot of the iconic Blue Mountains, LPME is a market leader in pie making equipment and innovation. Tom works with a specialised production team manufacturing a range of standard and customised automated and equipment solutions. Danielle Lindsay, eldest daughter, spearheads sales and marketing as the company General Manager.

The success of LPME can be mainly attributed to its mission of understanding and meeting the needs of its niche market and vision to be the best. There is ongoing investment in R&D to ensure that LPME remains at the forefront of its field and ahead of its competition. Winning numerous industry awards and recognition by State and Federal governments, LPME is also an Alumni member of the prestigious Australian Technology Showcase. With clients all over Australia and around the world, LPME is a great example of how a specialised Australian manufacturing company can be successful and remain a market leader for 30+ years. Looking forward to many more!

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May 2011 - L to R - LPME Staff - Tom, Matt, Hifa, Henry, Narelle & Dani

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